What can I do for you


Creating websites

The offer includes comprehensive design, preparation, and implementation of the website for the client.

  • Graphic design.
  • Implementation of business functionalities.
  • Visual and functional adaptation to customer preferences.
  • Help in choosing a hosting company (domain, server, SSL certificate).
  • Implementation on the production server.

Creating dedicated functionalities

Do you have a working system but you want to develop some functionalities? Are you working on a startup and looking for someone to help your team? Are you unable to deal with errors that suddenly appeared in your project or infrastructure? Let me know, I'll be happy to help!

  • Work in the SCRUM and Kanban methodology.
  • Work alone and with your team.
  • Implementation of tasks provided by the client.
  • Detection and repair of errors appearing in ready applications/systems/infrastructure.

Code review

I audit the existing code (also using less popular tools). Professional code review in terms of syntax, good practices (SOLID, KISS, DRY), meeting business needs, and design patterns. Code review directly in your code repository (GitLab, GitHub, etc.) or in the form of a report.

Designing systems architecture

I am happy to help you design and implement the architecture that is necessary to implement your business ideas.

Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, distributed architecture, or scaling methods. You can implement them all today, but without using the sledgehammer to crack a nut! Let's design it wisely so that the related costs are not the main blocker to your business development.